Lead Beneficiary


Informest, Gorizia ITALY – Body governed by public law

Informest, established by the national law n.19/1991 (Law on the Border Areas), is a regional development agency whose mission is to promote international cooperation and development. Since 1992 Informest has closely worked with National, regional and local Authorities and international organisations to carry out more than 200 projects acting both as implementing body of national/regional programmes and coordinator of transnational projects in the financial and technical management, particularly focusing on the Eastern Europe and Balkan area. Informest staff consists of 20 experts specialized in project management and design, international relations, attraction of funds, management of complex/multidisciplinary transnational and local working groups, EGTC management.
IInformest has a huge experience in international projects. In reference with Blue Growth it has gained skills on marine/maritime sustainable growth in EASEAWAY (IPA Adriatic), while through the Technical Assistance provided to the LP Region FVG in KEPASS project (IPA CBC Adriatic) has gained experience in educational related topic by managing the mobility system implemented by the project.

Contribution of the Lead Beneficiary to the project

as LP Informest is able to provide the project with its specific skills in management of complex/multidisciplinary transnational and local working groups, project management and design, international relations, accounting and reporting. It will play an important role in the activities/initiatives envisaged for the working groups and project coordination, dissemination, capitalisation, institutional cooperation, capacity building and strategy definition. Informest has a long experience in cross-border/transnational initiatives and in supporting public administrations to implement internationalization policies.Thanks to the experience matured as technical assistance in KEPASS project Informest has now an outstanding knowledge of regional educational system and relation with school institute, given also the cooperation with the Regional School Office.
Informest has developed a wide and diversified network which includes national and
regional government bodies, international institution and research centres. Informest has already provided technical assistance to FVG Region to design Territorial Cooperation Objective programmes in 2007-2013 programming period and is now supporting FVG region in the present programming phase.Thanks to its position as Regional Development Agency Informest has an important role in coordinating competent institution and different ngovernance level, playing a proactive role in all project action to ensure the archivement of all objectives.