Kick off meeting

Published on September 20, 2016

Kick off meeting, Steering Committee meeting, 1st meeting of Technical Working Group
Ancona, Italy

The meeting started with a summary and review of KEPASS project whose methodological outcomes are representing the basis for the capitalization to be delivered in Blue Skills. Project Background of Blue skills is different from the one of KEPASS: a new policy framework based on the EUSAIR strategy (that at the time of Kepass was not in charge and there was just an ideal of the AI Macroregion). In particular, in the framework of the EUSAIR, Blue Skills will work on pillar 1 (Blue Growth) and pillar 4 (Sustainable Tourism) by coping with the horizontal issues of capacity building development.

Overall objective:

  • Strengthen the system of vocational training in the AI area in EUSAIR strategic sectors

Specific objective

  • Support the harmonization of the education systems and training of the AI macroregional
  • Encouraging the mobility of knowledge and the creation of professional oaths aimed at supporting the strategic value-chain of AI area

New challenge:

  • Work with technical schools in the specific fields of maritime and tourism.
  • No mobility (since there is no time neither budget) but work on the pre-condition for the mobility of students.

Previous educational expert of KEPASS project has provided a brief synthesis of KEPASS qualitative outputs. Also, each project partner introduced itself and shared with other experience and expectations for the project.

It is decided that Final Conference will be held in Trieste instead of Podgorica and “ Blue Skills workshop “  will be held in Podgorica and Vlore between October and November.