Published on November 25, 2016

BlueSKILLS – The European programme lead by Informest- has finalized the tools to foster academic exchange and mobility between high school students from Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Albania.

Trieste hosted yesterday (Thursday, November 24) the final conference of the BlueSKILLS project, during which the outcomes of this pursuit were shared with a large audience of stakeholders: the resulting newtork of schools, shared evaluation tools and significant contacts with relevant industry players are to offer a substantial platform to provide students enrolled in tourism and nautical vocational schools in Friuli Venezia-Giulia with the chance of a three-month study period with their peers in other countries of the Adriatic area. Starting with school year 2017-2018, this experience is meant to prepare the students for considering a large number of job opportunities which the Adriatic area does not fall short of.

Informest –the Agency pursuing development and international economic cooperation headquartered in Gorizia and chaired by Enrico Bertossi, has lead a project which has seen the participation as partners of Marche and Abruzzo Region in Italy, and of institutions in Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia. The project´s associate partner was Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region. 15 technical education institutes -two of which located in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, namely Scuola Alberghiera IAL Monfalcone  and I.S.I.S. Nautico Tomaso Di Savoia di Trieste- took part in the seven-month project.

A special focus was put on networking with the local nautical and tourism industry with the aim of promoting abroad the work/study experience pattern which is common practice in Italy (the foreign delegation visited yesterday major enterprises in Monfalcone and Trieste such as Montecarlo Yacht, Wartsila and T.O. Delta).

The cooperation among the teachers of the involved schools; the exchange of best practices between the educational institutes; and the resulting possibilities in study experiences in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Albania which the students will benefit of all provide added value under several points of view: they enrich not only the curriculum of the students per se, but also the academic offer of the schools, as well as the enterprises operating in the nautical and tourism industry -the latter experiencing a major growth in those areas.

BlueSKILLS capitalized on the methodologies and results from Kepass project –the student mobility programme previously joined by 28 schools and 100 students in the same area. BlueSKILLS further fits in the macroregional strategy EUSAIR, of which sea economy and sustainable tourism represent two pillars in the framework of the institutional cooperation between the different regions in the Adriatic-Ionian area.

The final event held in Trieste saw the attendance of several experts involved in the project and of a lively public; Informest President Mr. Enrico Bertossi, the Regional Minister for Employment and Education Ms. Loredana Panariti and the representative of the Regional Education Office Ms. Valenina Feletti also participated in the event.