Project summary


Following the results achieved by Kepass and Delmvet projects, financed by the IPA Adriatic CBC programme, BlueSKILLS project aims to capitalize the experiences and achievements of previous projects in order to promote the harmonization and integration of education systems and vocational training in the Adriatic area, enhancing the competitiveness of the educational system of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region, in line with the priorities laid down by the EUSAIR strategy. In particular, by sharing the experience of previous projects that have developed a set of methodological tools for the mutual recognition of educational and professional skills, the project aims to take a further step towards the effective integration of educational systems with particular attention to those strategic economic sector related to the Sea economy and tourism. The project deals with one of the most important aspects of the integration process of the macro-region as it focused on mutual recognition of skills and competences in order to allow the effective realization of an open system where citizens (as young people, students, workers) can find opportunities for growth and jobs, with significant benefits in terms of employment and socio-economic growth.