2nd Meeting of the Working Group, Italy

Published on September 20, 2016

2nd meeting of the international working team ”Blue SKILLS” was held on the 8 th of September 2016 in Udine, Italy.

The meeting was attended by almost all project partners. Each one of project partners  came with one VET expert who are responsible for creating Feasibility study.

In the introduction Lead Partner introduced the agenda and aims of meeting. The objective was to agree upon a common methodology on how to manage two ”Blue SKILLS workshops” (previously called summer schools). First workshop is planned for October (Montenegro) and second one for November (Albania).

During the meeting, project partners had to draft first index of  the ”Feasibility study” which represents the main project output. Partners had to contact schools in their country to achieve main project output. Each partner presented their own stuation and shared all activities they have done so far. Schools will participate in workshops, and will be divided into 5-6 working groups.

The outcomes of the working groups will be synthesized by the Expert panel who will use them for the purposes of the Feasibility study. That study aims to summarize all the elements needed  to get a complete overview of the respective school system, the assessment criteria and how to start a Mobility in Adriatic area based on a catalogue of schools by sharing a common evaluation system.

First Blue SKILLS Workshop will be organized in Podgorica (Montenegro) from 4th to 6 th October.